GB-Swindon: UKRI-1416 2x6 Hexitec Camera

Competitive Contract Award Notice

1. Title: GB-Swindon: UKRI-1416 2x6 Hexitec Camera
2. Awarding Authority:
UK Research and Innovation
Polaris House, North Star Avenue, Swindon, SN2 1FL, United Kingdom
Tel. 07394 401259, Email:
Contact: Sarah Fleming, Attn: Sarah Fleming
3. Contract Type: Supplies

4. Description: X-ray devices. STFC are delivering a 2x6 Array of HEXITEC detectors (an X-ray Camera) to the University of Manchester’s National X-ray CT Facility. The design for the 2x6 camera is an extension of an existing 2x2 camera design that STFC made with aSpect Systems. This new project and contract directly builds on that work and re-uses part of the HEXITEC VSR board with the addition of a new set of readout electronics (HEXITEC 2x6 PCB Kit).
5. CPV Codes:
33111000 - X-ray devices.

6. NUTS Codes :

7. Main Site or Location of Works, Main Place of Delivery or Main Place of Performance: UNITED KINGDOM,
8. Reference Attributed by the Awarding Authority: UKRI-1416
9. Awarded to:

Aspect Systems GmbH
Eisenbahnstrasse 2 , Dresden, 01097, Germany
Tel. 493518 996755, Email:
Contact: Aspect Systems GmbH, Attn: Aspect Systems GmbH
Value Cost: 77,670.3
Is Awardee likely to subcontract?: No Awarded to SME?: No
10. Date of Contract Award: 23/03/2021
11. Number of Tenders Received: 1
12. Other Information:
Other Information: To view this notice, please click here:
Suitable for VCO: No
Period of Work Start date: 01/04/2021
Period of Work End date: 01/05/2022