GB-Swindon: UKRI-3216 Re-Install and Upgrade Alicia 4

Competitive Contract Award Notice

1. Title: GB-Swindon: UKRI-3216 Re-Install and Upgrade Alicia 4
2. Awarding Authority:
UK Research & Innovation - Science and Technology Facilities Council
Polaris House, Swindon, SN2 1FL, United Kingdom
Tel. +44 7394204018, Email:, URL:
Contact: Solomon Nwosu, Attn: Solomon Nwosu
3. Contract Type: Services
Sub Type: Research and development services.

4. Description: Sensors. STFC Daresbury Laboratory in collaboration with the University of York was successful in winning a project to build the silicon tracker detector for the experiment called Reactions with Relativistic Radioactive Beams (R3B). R3B is located at the international facility called Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research in Europe GmbH (FAIR GmbH)), Darmstadt (DE).
The project is planning to re-use the ALICIA-4 machine to build the silicon tracker detector for the R3B experiment.
ALICIA-4 was originally procured by the project called ALICE Inner Tracking System for CERN (2015 - 2018). This pre-cursor project was delivered as a collaboration between Daresbury Laboratory and the University of Liverpool.
ALICIA-4 is a custom-made, automated, pick-and-place machine capable of aligning detectors (i.e. electronic microchips) to an accuracy as high as 5um.
The total value of the machine at its procurement time (~2016) was ~300k EUR inc. VAT.
The deployment of the ALICIA-4 machine for the R3B detector project allowed the UK to develop a unique selling point within the R3B collaboration.
This strategic positioning benefitted from the automation and high precision capability guaranteed by the ALICIA-4 machine.
The ALICIA-4 machine needs some functional adaptation work in order to be compatible with the R3B detector layout, and to be compatible with the latest version of the Windows operative system.
5. CPV Codes:
35125100 - Sensors.

6. NUTS Codes :
UKD61 - Warrington

7. Main Site or Location of Works, Main Place of Delivery or Main Place of Performance: Warrington,
8. Reference Attributed by the Awarding Authority:
9. Awarded to:

IBS Precision Engineering BV
National ID: NL481414, Industrieterrein Esp 2151 5633 AD , Eindhoven, Esp 201, Netherlands
Tel. +31402901270, Fax. +31402901279, Email:
Contact: Dirk Smits, Attn: Dirk Smits
Value Cost: 64,300
Is Awardee likely to subcontract?: No Awarded to SME?: No
10. Date of Contract Award: 10/07/2023
11. Number of Tenders Received: 1
12. Other Information:
Other Information: To view this notice, please click here:
Suitable for VCO: No
Period of Work Start date: 11/07/2023
Period of Work End date: 30/09/2023